Is this going to be the biggest weight loss trend of the season?

2022-12-09 03:42:10 By : Mr. Tommy Wei

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Even after working out for months and eating healthy, do you often find it hard to lose stubborn fat in problem areas like love handles, muffin top, etc.? There is something that may seem like your dream come true laser alexandrite nd yag 755nm

Is this going to be the biggest weight loss trend of the season?

Sculpsure© is making waves worldwide due to its amazing non-surgical fat-loss and body contouring results. Designed and developed in the US by Cynasure®, one of the global leaders in laser technology the quality speaks for itself with clinical studies showing over 90% patient satisfaction and up to 24% fat loss in just 25 minutes. The 1st and only installation of this high-tech device in India is at The AgeLess Clinic, Mumbai.

Twice as Nice What’s more, it not only helps with fat loss but also tightens the skin at the same time, unlike conventional fat-freezing technologies that do not help with loose skin that can be caused due to fat loss treatments.

Read ahead, as we chat with Dr. Harshna Bijlani, celebrity skin expert and Medical Head of The AgeLess Clinic who gives us a complete lowdown about the treatment.

What is Sculpsure? Harshna: SculpSure© is a safe and effective light-based treatment that precisely targets fat cells under the skin, permanently destroying up to 24% of treated fat in a 25-minute procedure.

What prompted you to start this treatment? Harshna: The AgeLess Clinic has been offering cutting-edge body contouring treatments for quite a few years now and our moto is to bring the best global treatments to India. When I heard about SculpSure© on our recent trip to America, I just knew I had to try it, so I dragged my guinea pig… oops, I mean my husband and we tried it for ourselves. We were so happy with the results that we decided we had to be the first ones to bring it to India.

What can one expect during a Sculpsure session? When the treatment starts, initially you will feel a cooling sensation. This helps keep the skin comfortable throughout. The heat cycles go on and off through the session, raising the temperature to precisely target and permanently destroy fat cells. Most patients feel a deep warmth or tingling sensation intermittently throughout the treatment which is generally well-tolerated.

How exactly does Sculpsure help with skin tightening? Harshna: SculpSure© uses a thermal laser to target and burn fat cells. Thermal lasers are also known to promote collagen production, hence the skin above the fat loss area gets a collagen boost due to the laser, which in turn gives you tighter rejuvenated skin. This is not possible with fat freezing technologies.

How many sessions does one need? Harshna: The number of sessions each patient may need differ as per their needs. Most people see best results when they do a series of sessions. Having said that, patients may even get optimal results with just one treatment.

Are there any post treatment care that patients should take? Harshna: There is no downtime following your SculpSure treatment, allowing you to resume your daily activities right away. Staying hydrated and engaging in physical activity helps mobilize the disrupted fat for processing through the lymphatic system. Therefore, we encourage patients to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and take a daily walk and/or continue their regular exercise routine.

If I don’t live in Mumbai, is it worth flying in for? Harshna: Absolutely! This treatment gives you amazing results in just 25minutes for upto 4 pacs at a time! Land in Mumbai and leave in just a few hours with upto 24% less fat (to be seen in just a few weeks). Now that’s a successful trip!

Is it must be expensive? Harshna: Sculpsure starts from just Rs 12,000 per pac. When you come in for your free consultation we can advise you how many pacs you will require. We also have an EMI facility.

To know more about SculpSure, click here or visit The AgeLess Clinic to schedule a free no obligation consultation to find out more about the treatment  

Is this going to be the biggest weight loss trend of the season?

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